“Last night I completed the wheel of life for a project I’m doing. When it came to the money section, I put 6/10. I’ve never been that high. It’s usually a 2 or 3. Wow!! Thank you! I definitely feel differently about money and I think that is an important step.” 

Emma H

Big thanks to Julie for today’s workshop. Julie is a Money Coach, helping women to gain a confident and positive approach to managing their finances and savings. It has been a powerful, emotional day but I have returned home feeling ready for the next step in running both my business and personal finances.

Claire Davies

A HEARTFELT Thanx to you, Julie for Tuesday’s Financial Finesse for Women workshop. Not only did you demystify the money process and provide the tools and perspective to make money work differently but you also created a trusting space to allow our emotional thoughts, feelings and experiences to be acknowledged, released and (I want to say) reprogrammed.  A MUST go to workshop and money coach, thank you for sharing your business, love and service.


Julie has been coaching me since my husband passed away in 2011. Because he handled financial matters I felt quite lost until I found this wonderful financial advisor/coach. Not only has Julie helped me get a handle on my finances, she has taught me so much about how to look at money and organize it so it makes sense, such as developing a budget and planning for retirement. She has helped me see what I will have and need in retirement, what I currently spend each month and on what.  She has helped me understand and consolidate the investments my husband started. An added bonus is that Julie provides a woman’s perspective on all matters financial. She has a very level, knowledgeable, common sense approach, but is also extremely personable, approachable and understanding, so I never felt like the neophyte that I am (was). Julie’s coaching style was a perfect fit for me and I know most women would benefit from her expertise, suggestions, ideas and financial brain. I couldn’t have done it without her and I now feel empowered to understand my own financial future. Thank you, Julie! I’m forever grateful.


“Thanks so much. My belief is that most of us cannot afford NOT to sign up for this course.”


“Thank you SO much for a lovely, lively, informative day!!”


Absolutely loved, Financial Finesse for Women with Julie. Very enlightening. Just explained the whole new accounts system to my husband, he’s in shock!!

Juliet Powell

If you would have told me a year ago that I would me using money & therapy in the same sentence, I’d say you were crazy.  I know Julie is not a “therapist” per se, but she certainly knows how people relate to money.  The best way I can describe my experience is money therapy.  In some ways it was quite spiritual, when I started dealing with the shame & guilt that I had attached to my money.  Here I am on one end, a competent, smart, professional woman.  Yet, there was this other side of me that felt extremely embarrassed about how I let myself down financially.  Julie was great at providing a confidential (and safe) environment that made it easier to open up, so that I could grow. She also pointed out positive ways for me to work out my own financial solutions, along with thought provoking exercises.  The financial journaling was cathartic.  I look back now and not only am I far better off financially, I feel that my money reflects the smart, professional woman that I am.  I am better off and I feel so much more hope about my future in all aspect of my life, not just my money.

Marinda Townsy-Cooper

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